"Because breathing
shouldn't be
a struggle or a risk"

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Join us as we fight lung disease in all of its forms and work with our communities to protect lung health.

Make a difference... Help promote healthy lungs today.


We have assembled local resources dealing with air quality, environmental organizations, asthma coalitions, hospitals, clinics, health care providers, pulmonary rehabilitation programs, school districts, child care, smoking cessation, tobacco and tuberculosis control and other voluntary health organizations in the counties that our office serves. Please click the name of the county at the left to view comprehensive information for that area.

You will also find information about out Breathe California affiliate offices and statewide organization.

We produce and distribute brochures, pamphlets and posters on smoking, lung disease, clean air, environment, household air, etc. If you would like to request additional information regarding a lung health issue, contact us at (831) 422-7306.